Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Inner Silent Life

The deepest core of our Being experiences life on the surface of our experience through activity. Our deep core is silent and at peace, while all our emotions are related to experiences in the material world. We touch upon this deep peace when we feel completely fulfilled in Love. Something most of us experience in relation to the material world, in deeply connecting with another soul, another being.

How surprising is it when we meditate, that we may suddenly connect with that same feeling of peace, even while being 'single'. That we may walk amongst trees or other natural habitats and find we feel in love with life around us and within us.

So how can we satisfy our need for happyness and joy? Every material object, including the appearance of other humans, is subject to decay. Even planets and complete solar systems. And so are many relationships. Except the relationship we have with that deepest core of our Being. A relationship we clearly discover when we meditate and become silent to the surface of our life.

Then, when we breath into that deep core of our Being, finding silence and peace at the centre of our existence, we feel completely fulfilled. We are no longer in search for Love. We are Love.

So much more can be said about such journey, but words cannot eloquently describe the nature of such experience. Where it is medically proven that meditation helps any person both physically and mentally to perform better in reaching our personal goals in life, it may also dawn on some of us that it may satisfy a deep desire, a deep longing, to be fullfilled in Love, by searching inside instead of out.

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